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The Locus List of Species Rattus norvegicus
  Name Anchor Target
Locus1 Fragment location Primer sequence Strand Locus2 Fragment location Primer sequence Strand
1 rn0000001 FBXO10,promoter,MCS5A1 chr5:60645994-60645971 AGGCAGTTCTTAGAAGCAAGTTCA - TOMM5,+8kb segment,MCS5A2 chr5:60645918-60650007 AAAGGGACTATGTTATTTGGGCAAG -
2 rn0000002 FBXO10,promoter,MCS5A1 chr5:60645994-60645971 AGGCAGTTCTTAGAAGCAAGTTCA - FRMPD1,+18kb segment chr5:60645918-60650007 CCCCAGTCACTAGAGATGTTATCG -
3 rn0000003 FRMPD1,+18kb segment chr5:60675698-60675675 CCCCAGTCACTAGAGATGTTATCG - FRMPD1,+18kb segment chr5:60675460-60676905 CCCCAGTCACTAGAGATGTTATCG -
4 rn0000004 Mcs5a2 chr5:60650225-60650198 CCAAGTATTTCTTTCATTGTCTGTGGTG + FRMPD1,+18kb segment chr5:60650002-60659423 CCCCAGTCACTAGAGATGTTATCG -
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