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The Locus List of Cell Line HuT-78
  Name Anchor Target
Locus1 Fragment location Primer sequence Strand Locus2 Fragment location Primer sequence Strand
1 hs0000153 IL4,promoter,segment A chr5:132009578-132009723 AGGAGAAGCTAACGATGCAATG - IL13,promoter,segment C chr5:131993461-131993508 TGCTGAGCAGATAGTCTTAGTGC -
2 hs0000154 IL4,promoter,segment A chr5:132009578-132009723 AAACTCATTTTCCCTCGGTTTC + IL13,promoter,segment D chr5:131993461-131993572 CACCAGAAGTGCTGAGCAGATA -
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