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The Locus List of Cell Line DLD-1
  Name Anchor Target
Locus1 Fragment location Primer sequence Strand Locus2 Fragment location Primer sequence Strand
1 hs0000720 MYC,promoter chr8:128745990-128756984 hMyc3C-5’: GCCAAACCAAATACCCATCACCTTC/hMyc3C-3’ :GTGGTTCAGAGGTGACTATTCAACCG - rs6983267 chr8:128413010-128414109 rs267-3C-5’:GACACCAAGAGGGAGGTATCAACAG/rs267-3C-3’:CTAATTCCCAGTCTAGTGCCCTCTG -
2 hs0000721 MYC,enhancer,rs6983267 NA NA NA POU5FP1 NA NA NA
3 hs0000722 MYC,enhancer,rs6983267 NA NA NA MYC NA NA NA
4 hs0000723 MYC,enhancer,rs6983267 NA NA NA PVT1 NA NA NA
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