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The Locus List of Cell Line clp1-ts mutant
  Name Anchor Target
Locus1 Fragment location Primer sequence Strand Locus2 Fragment location Primer sequence Strand
1 sc0000001 CHA1,segment P1 chrIII:16284-17036 GATTACCGATTCCTCTACTTTTGA + CHA1,segment T1 chrIII:15374-15966 GTAAGCATCAACATATCCAAAACG -
2 sc0000002 CHA1,segment R1 chrIII:16284-17036 AAGGGATGAACATAAATGGGC + CHA1,segment F1 chrIII:16284-17036 AATTCAAAAGGACGGTAAAAGAT -
3 sc0000003 INO1,segment P1 chrX:135857-136044 GAACCCGACAACAGAACAAGC + INO1,segment T1 chrX:133946-134467 GTTGAGGTAGATGCGAGAAAGTG -
4 sc0000004 INO1,segment R1 chrX:135011-135358 TATTCTGCGGTGAACCATTAATATAG + INO1,segment T1 chrX:135011-135358 GATATCCAGAATTTCAAAGAAGAAAAC -
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