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The Locus List of Cell Line limb
  Name Anchor Target
Locus1 Fragment location Primer sequence Strand Locus2 Fragment location Primer sequence Strand
1 mm0000112 Dync1i1,eExon 15 chr6:5968444-5974706 CCCATCGACTTTTCTCATCTG(+)/GGACCACATGACATCGTACAC(-) + Dlx5, promoter chr6:6879163-6883006 TCTCTAGGACTGACGCAAACA(+)/GTTACACGCCATAGGGTCGC(-) -
2 mm0000480 Wnt7a,promoter chr6:91418208-91418570 TCTTAAGAGACAATAAAACACAAGAAA - Wnt7a,segment 3 chr6:91285871-91297036 ATCTGGGAGTGATCCAGGTTT -
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